Broadland substation upgrade complete

The Broadland 345kV (kilovolt) aging infrastructure project has been completed, going online July 27.

Located near Huron, South Dakota, the Broadland substation takes power generated at Antelope Valley Station from 345 kV and steps it down to 230 kV so it can safely travel the distribution lines to the Huron area and beyond.

The $6.6 million upgrade was approved by Basin Electric’s board of directors in May 2019. Derik Johnson, manager of Basin Electric Transmission System Maintenance, said that at 40 years old, the substation was at the end of its design expectancy and replacement parts were getting hard to procure. “We were seeing things begin to fail more often as a result of the substation’s age, so upgrading it should definitely help with its reliability,” he said.

The upgrade included:

  • Replacement of all breakers
  • Refurbishment of transformers
  • Refurbishment of line reactors
  • Replacement of protective relays
  • Replacement of AC and DC distribution equipment

All of these upgrades bring the equipment up to current design standards.

The Broadland project was part of Basin Electric’s Aging Substation Infrastructure Replacement Initiative, a project with the goal of strengthening and modernizing the cooperative’s infrastructure, much of which was constructed between the 1960s and 1980s.

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