Cross-functional team formed to evaluate Great Plains Synfuels Plant assets

After being approached by a group interested in exploring the potential purchase of Dakota Gasification Company’s Great Plains Synfuels Plant, Basin Electric has assembled a team of employees to evaluate the plant’s assets to Dakota Gas, Basin Electric, the membership, as well as to a potential buyer.

Bakken Energy, LLC, formerly Bakken Midstream Natural Gas, LLC, and Mitsubishi Power Americas, Inc. have signed a strategic partnership agreement to study the creation of a world-class clean hydrogen hub in North Dakota. This hub would be composed of facilities that produce, store, transport and consume clean hydrogen. It will be connected by pipeline to other clean hydrogen hubs being developed throughout North America.

Bakken Energy, supported by Mitsubishi Power, is currently working with Basin Electric and its subsidiary Dakota Gas on the potential acquisition and redevelopment of the Synfuels Plant located near Beulah, North Dakota. The redevelopment would make the facility the largest producer of clean hydrogen in North America.

The cross-functional team, led by Trinity Turnbow, Dakota Gas process operations and assistant plant manager, will consider not only the way the plant operates today, but also that of the 45Q tax credit project, the primary reformer, and other potential impacts to the plant.

In addition to Turnbow, the team includes Kelly Bergquist, Basin Electric senior financial analyst; Andrew Buntrock, Basin Electric director of the strategic planning and communication division; Christopher Breiner, Dakota Gas process safety engineer II; Daniel Schaaf Gallagher, Basin Electric manager of commodity sales and trading; and Tyler Hamman, Basin Electric senior legislative representative. The team will report directly to Basin Electric CEO and General Manager Paul Sukut.

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