Dakota Gas helps State of North Dakota preserve vaccines

Dakota Gasification Company had a hand in assisting with preparations to get the COVID-19 vaccine distributed to North Dakota residents by supplying beverage-grade liquefied carbon dioxide (CO2) produced at the Great Plains Synfuels Plant to aid in keeping the vaccine at the recommended stored temperature. 
Through its customer, American Welding and Gas, Dakota Gas is supplying liquefied CO2 to help to pressure and fill the new liquid CO2 storage tank at the North Dakota Department of Health in Bismarck. 
“They will be using the tank for CO2 to feed their dry ice machine, which will keep the COVID-19 vaccines at a safe temperature,” said Zach Jacobson, Basin Electric account manager - Dakota Gas marketing. “We received a call early last week (Dec. 7, 2020) to ask if we would help them out. We agreed, and were happy to provide the CO2.” 
The Great Plains Synfuels Plant’s beverage-grade CO2 has played a key role in North Dakota’s well-being for 2020 with helping statewide water treatment plants during a shortage, and with the preservation of COVID-19 vaccines.