Fertilizer season looks to be early, strong

The spring fertilizer season is shaping up to be a very positive one for Dakota Gas, according to Zach Jacobson, Basin Electric account manager - Dakota Gas marketing.

“Prices are looking to exceed expectations in the urea and anhydrous ammonia fertilizer markets this spring,” Jacobson said. “We are seeing urea prices up in the market from last year by 30% and anhydrous ammonia prices up by about 25%, while ammonium sulfate, or Dak Sul 45®, market prices remain on track with last year’s prices.

The fertilizer manufacturing outlook is predicting an early spring due to dry, warm weather and the lack of snow. With an early spring on the horizon, it appears farmers are already looking for fertilizers to apply to their crops.

The Great Plains Synfuels Plant has been producing as much urea, anhydrous ammonia, and Dak Sul 45 as possible working to fill its storage facility in order to capitalize on these market prices.

Jacobson said urea sales are already strong, while the anhydrous ammonia sale season is likely to begin in early April. “We are hoping to see some much-needed rain in March to firm up these expectations,” Jacobson said.

Fertilizers produced at the Synfuels Plant generally are delivered to farmers in North Dakota, northern South Dakota, and northern and eastern Montana. Urea and anhydrous ammonia are used to enhance corn and small grain crops, while Dak Sul 45 is most commonly used for canola and sunflowers.

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