Final Responsible Care audit on Great Plains Synfuels Plant completed in August

In May, the first of a three-part Responsible Care Management System® (RCMS) triennial recertification audit was conducted at Dakota Gasification Company’s Great Plains Synfuels Plant. The audit encompassed many aspects of the American Chemistry Council’s RCMS-administered at the Synfuels Plant since 2010.

In July, the second part of the audit was conducted primarily via field observations and interviews.

The third and final audit was conducted virtually Aug. 24-28, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dakota Gas manages its safety, health, security, and environmental responsibilities by following the RCMS process, which uses a philosophy of plan, do, check, and act, whereby activities are planned, carried out, and then evaluated for their effectiveness.

Following Responsible Care guidelines is voluntary and not required by government regulations, although the system demands a commitment to staying in compliance with government rules.

Responsible Care companies must prove they are living up to their commitments by passing a third-party audit of their management systems every three years.

Chris Breiner, Dakota Gas section engineer and RCMS coordinator, said the third audit completes the three-part audit series with the next audit required in 2022. “The auditor was impressed by the level of knowledge of the workforce and the commitment to safety, security, and the environment,” Breiner said. “Dakota Gas’ recertification is a significant achievement accomplished through everyone’s day-to-day actions.”

In addition to the plant’s strengths, the audit did note two minor nonconformance issues which will be addressed.

Breiner said overall the audit was a success. Dale Johnson, Basin Electric vice president and Synfuels Plant manager said, “I’ve always felt good about Dakota

Gas’ health, safety, security, and environmental programs, so it was great to hear the auditor confirm that our programs rival the best in their class.”