Improved Resource Availability Task Force formed to address issues from energy emergency

Following the severe weather event that led to an energy emergency affecting the central part of the United States in mid-February, the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) conducted an in-depth study and created the Improved Resource Availability Task Force to address the issues leading up to and during the event.

Basin Electric Director of Asset Management and Commodity Strategy Valerie Weigel is one of 12 voting members on the task force, which began meeting in September to address the items that were deemed to be the highest priority in the study.

Fuel assurance and resource planning and availability were two Tier 1, or highest priority, items addressed. After two months of meeting every two weeks, Weigel said the group has now provided the SPP board with a project plan that includes 20 different scopes of work that fall under those two categories alone. “There is a lot of analysis that needs to be done in the next six months,” she said. “Some of the work that needs to be done will take up to two years, but it is the task force’s hope that the work we do now will help us in the future so events like the one that happened in February won’t be as impactful going forward.”

SPP is a regional transmission organization with a footprint that spans nearly 575,000 square miles in all or parts of 14 states. Basin Electric has been an SPP member since 2015. 

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