No injuries, minimal damage after Antelope Valley Station fire

A fire at Basin Electric's Antelope Valley Station near Beulah, North Dakota, broke out Sept. 23. All employees at the facility were safe and minimal damage occurred.

Fire departments from Dakota Gasification Company were first on the scene and The Coteau Properties Company’s Freedom Mine first responders arrived shortly thereafter. The fire was quickly contained.

The fire was in the coal handling transfer building located on the east edge of the Antelope Valley Station plant site. Minimal damage occurred to the coal conveyor belts in the area, and the plant was operating at normal production within hours of the fire. None of the facilities had to shut down because of the fire and there was minimal lost production.

While it is known that the fire started in the coal sampler, an investigation is underway to determine the cause.

“We are thankful to the first responders for their quick action and most importantly, thankful no one was hurt,” said Troy Tweeten, Basin Electric senior vice president of Operations. “Antelope Valley Station crews jumped in to get the system up and running safely after the fire and did an excellent job returning the plant to normal production."

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