OCI N.V., Dakota Gas, and Dyno Nobel announce three-year renewal of marketing agreement

N-7 LLC, a joint venture between OCI N.V. and Dakota Gas, and Dyno Nobel, Inc., a subsidiary of Incitec Pivot Limited, announced a three-year renewal of the N-7 Marketing Agreement on Nov. 29, under which N-7 is the exclusive marketer of Dyno Nobel’s industrial urea products, including diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), urea liquor, and automotive grade urea in North America. The original agreement was executed in December 2019.

Dyno Nobel produces industrial urea at two sites – St. Helens, Oregon, and Cheyenne, Wyoming. Including OCI’s facility in Iowa and Dakota Gas' Great Plains Synfuels Plant in North Dakota, N-7’s industrial urea presence in North America includes a total of four locations.

Todd Telesz, Basin Electric CEO and general manager, said, “We are pleased to be continuing the partnership between N-7 and Dyno Nobel. It provides our customers with a reliable supply of diesel exhaust fluid and urea liquor daily. This partnership accomplishes the need to meet the enduring North American market growth and to provide value to our membership and stakeholders.”

Ahmed El Hoshy, CEO of OCI N.V., said, "This announcement reflects the success of OCI’s and N-7’s partnership with Dyno Nobel over the past two years, and N-7’s continued growth in the DEF and industrial urea markets in North America. DEF is a critical enabler of NOx emissions reductions from ground transportation, stationary equipment, marine and other applications where diesel engines are employed, and supports OCI’s global sustainability strategy as a leader in tackling emissions.”