Permit granted for Dakota Gas test well

The Mercer County Commission approved a temporary use permit to drill a test well to support the 45Q carbon dioxide sequestration project under review at Dakota Gasification Company's Great Plains Synfuels Plant.

“The permit is for a test well, not an injection well,” said Daniel Schaff Gallagher, Basin Electric manager of commodity sales and trading. “A class VI well application, which, if approved, would allow for carbon dioxide injection operations, will be filed with the North Dakota Industrial Commission at a later date.”

Schaff Gallagher said there will be no injection at this test well site, and any long-term plans at the site will be determined from the results of the test well.

The test well will be located on The Coteau Property Company's land and test well results will be used for information within the class VI well application.

Carbon dioxide is produced at the Synfuels Plant and a portion of it is currently being sent to Canada to be used for enhanced oil production.

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