Railroad bridge destroyed by fire rebuilt, back in service

A railroad bridge that caught fire and burned Aug. 31 cutting off access to a critical rail line has been replaced.

The bridge is on the rail line that connects Dakota Gasification Company, Antelope Valley Station, and The Coteau Properties Company's Freedom Mine to the main rail line in Beulah, North Dakota.

BNSF Railway owns the multi-span bridge and quickly made arrangements to replace the bridge. Industrial Builders, Inc., were onsite Sept. 1 with two crews working around the clock to complete the bridge rebuild. The bridge was returned to service at 2:30 a.m. on Sept. 8 after access to the critical railroad line was certified and restored.

The Spring Creek crossing bridge is located about one-and-a-half miles west of Beulah. This eight-mile section of railway is the only way to move product in or out of the three facilities. Dakota Gas uses the railway to move chemical and fertilizers, Antelope Valley Station uses the railway to bring in lime, while the Freedom Mine uses it to transport coal to Leland Olds Station near Stanton, North Dakota.