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Basin Electric partners with Bakken Energy and Mitsubishi Power to establish clean hydrogen hub

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Firm pipeline capacity instrumental during energy emergency

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Dakota Gas carbon capture: Improving the environment and the bottom line

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Higher commodity prices boost Dakota Gas financials

Fertilizer prices have been about 20% higher than projected, year-to-date through May.

Main transformer replaced at Synfuels Plant during half-plant turnaround

The Synfuels Plant was in a two-to-three week half-plant turnaround while the work was completed.

Department of Homeland Security conducts inspection at Dakota Gas, inspector compliments facility

The facility is regulated by the Department's Chemical Facility Anti-terrorism Standard.

New equipment makes loading diesel exhaust fluid safer, more efficient

The efficient, smooth operation of the new equipment allows technicians to load about 450 gallons a minute.

North Dakota named clean air state by American Lung Association

State of the Air is the association's annual national air quality report card.

Permit granted for Dakota Gas test well

The permit is for a test well, not an injection well.

Basin Electric partners with Bakken Energy and Mitsubishi Power to establish clean hydrogen hub

Bakken Energy, supported by Mitsubishi Power, is currently working with Basin Electric Power Cooperative and its subsidiary Dakota Gasification...

Firm pipeline capacity instrumental during energy emergency

Dakota Gasification Company’s Great Plains Synfuels Plant in Beulah, North Dakota, fits uniquely in the picture as it produces natural gas as well...

Rainy day funds help Basin Electric weather the storm

What did Basin Electric do differently than these other energy providers – the ones that had to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars or even file...

Dakota Gas to study adding primary reformer to Great Plains Synfuels Plant

If the Basin Electric board approves the project in 2022, and the project continues to completion, the primary reformer would potentially go into...

Dakota Gas launches fresh website design

The website features a fresh, modern design, with a focus on the Basin Electric subsidiary’s products and commitment to safety and the environment...

Zap Line Subdivision Rail Bridge burned, replaced in under two weeks

The fire and its damage interrupted all inbound and outbound railcars from Dakota Gas and in and outbound railcars supplying coal for Dakota Gas,...

Vaccination events held at Basin Electric facilities

Additional events are scheduled for April 8 and April 14.

Fertilizer season looks to be early, strong

Prices are looking to exceed expectations in the urea and anhydrous ammonia fertilizer markets this spring.

Dakota Gas carbon capture: Improving the environment and the bottom line

On Nov. 10, 2020, the Beulah, North Dakota, plant reached the milestone of capturing 40 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). The Great...

Basin Electric directors approve regulatory resolutions

The resolutions support the cooperative’s plan to establish reserves and reduce costs on the balance sheet to maintain stable member rates.

Emergency safety exercise tests plans, procedures at Dakota Gas

The exercise included a hypothetical flammable gas release.

Dakota Gas helps State of North Dakota preserve vaccines

The Great Plains Synfuels Plant began supplying beverage-grade liquefied carbon dioxide to aid in keeping the vaccine at the recommended stored...

New renewable energy and progress on environmental initiatives in 2020 for Basin Electric

As an electric cooperative, Basin Electric has always pursued environmental initiatives for the benefit of its members.

Members approve resolution regarding Dakota Gas at Annual Meeting

The resolution addressing Dakota Gas had been edited over the years and was no longer formatted in the form of a resolution.

Carbon capture milestone reached at Dakota Gas

The Great Plains Synfuels Plant in North Dakota has now captured 40 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, a milestone in the synthetic natural gas...

Workforce Safety audit provides favorable results

Results from the audit were favorable for continued enrollment incentive programs that provide a 25% discount in Basin Electric's premiums.

Maintenance completed during Great Plains Synfeuls Plant outage

Maintenance work is now complete and urea and ammonia production has been resumed.

Basin Electric Resolutions Committee meets

No new resolutions were brought forward by the membership thus far.

Mock exercise provides key training for Dakota Gas, Antelope Valley Station employees

The exercise was held on multiple days to allow employees from all shift crews to attend.