Basin Electric employee says family contributes to garden's success

man and woman smiling and holding veggies
Stan Misek, Angela's husband, dropped off the family's donation at Heaven's Helpers Soup Cafe.

Angela Misek, Basin Electric scheduler I, brought in an extra donation this week.

She missed getting her family's donation in by the time our veggie taxi driver took off. So Misek's husband, Stan, took a special trip to Heaven's Helpers Soup Cafe.

The Misek's donated 24 pounds of zucchini and rhubarb. "There is no special treatment to the rhubarb. It just grows and grows. We planted one rhubarb plant 10 years ago and it just keeps coming back each year stronger and stronger. Every week we cut it back and the following week its back in full force," she says.

Gardening is a family activity. "We have foster kiddos that are a big part of the garden success," Misek says. "We start plants in the spring of the year and transplant when we are not afraid of frost."

Misek says the family loves giving through Basin's Backyard Garden "to provide others who do not have the opportunity to have fresh veggies. The natural vitamins are so very important to have a healthy body and mind."

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