Basin's Backyard Garden donations come in over holiday weekend

This post-Labor Day donation was taxied to Heaven's Helpers Soup Cafe.

Basin Electric's gardeners didn't let the holiday weekend slow down their giving.

This week's donation features 47 pounds of good, homegrown vegetables.

Veggie taxi drivers Ashley Sundquist, Basin Electric senior accounting analyst, and MiKayla Mittelsteadt, Basin Electric accounting analyst II, drove the donation to Heaven's Helpers Soup Cafe.

"We didn’t quite know what the round pokey yellow vegetables (about the size of a tennis ball) were but Bobbie at Heaven’s Helpers let us know that they are a different type of cucumber because they weren’t sure either until cutting them open last week," Sundquist says. The cumcumbers are melon cucumbers.

There was carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, and melon cucumbers donated. The total amount of food donated so far in 2022 is 485.8 pounds.