Basin's Backyard Garden gains a new grower late in the season

Mikayla Mittelsteadt, Basin Electric accounting analyst II (far left), and Ashley Sundquist, Basin Electric senior accounting analyst (second from right), hauled the fresh, local donation to Heaven's Helpers Soup Cafe.

Basin's Backyard Garden #Homegrown is in its final weeks. Bismarck, North Dakota, suffered a hard freeze on Oct. 7, meaning many gardeners were in harvest-and-clean up mode.

Tomatoes, apples, and peppers were donated and taken to Heaven's Helpers Soup Cafe.

We had one employee make his first donation to Basin’s Backyard Garden this week: banana and chili peppers. Jerry Haas, Basin Electric senior property and right-of-way specialist, says he will likely have more to donate next year as well. "Basin's Backyard Garden is such an awesome idea, I think it is a perfect way to give back to the community!" he says. "This was my first year planting peppers in my garden and ended up with way more than I could have imagined. "