Basin's Backyard Gardeners spread the love with more than 115 pounds of fresh food

cucumbers and tomatoes
Some of the largest donation so far in 2022.

Basin's Backyard Gardeners came through this week with 115.4 pounds of fresh, local fruits and vegetables to donate to local food pantries.

In fact, the donation was split between two organizations: Salvation Army and Welcome House.

Jessica Moser, Basin Electric member revenue specialist II and veggie taxi driver, did the heavy lifting. "The Welcome House has a couple families at this time so they didn’t need a lot of vegetables," she says. "The residents were excited about the sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, and watermelon donations."

Moser found a home for the food. "The Salvation Army had a shelf set up with food for people to come in and grab, but there wasn’t much food available when I first got there, so It was nice to be able to add to their shelves," she says.

So far in 2022, Basin's Backyard Garden #Homegrown volunteers have donated and delivered more than 650 pounds of fresh, local food to those who need it most in Bismarck and Mandan, North Dakota.