Final Basin's Backyard Garden #Homegrown donation a baker's delight

fruits and vegetables
The final donation of the season was a baker's delight.

The final Basin's Backyard Garden #Homegrown donation of the season was a baker's delight.

Angela Magstadt, veggie taxi driver and Basin Electric staff writer/editor, hauled 28.7 pounds of zucchini, apples,  onions, tomatoes, butternut squash, and buttercup squash, to Community Action Program Region VII.

"When I dropped off the donation, the woman at the front desk said, 'Whoever gets that butternut squash is lucky, and the other squash too,'" Magstadt says. "She also said you'll probably be able to make 10 cakes out of each zucchini we donated, and that her mom used to always make zucchini cakes."

woman smiling with vegetables
Kim Janssen at Community Action Region VII says she hopes a baker comes in today.