New employee helps out with Basin's Backyard Garden veggie taxi duties

two women and a man smiling with vegetables
Bobbi Jo from Heaven's Helpers, with Jessica Moser and Roberto Gameiro from Basin Electric.

Today's veggie taxi driver had a couple helpers, including a new team member at Basin Electric. 

Jessica Moser, Basin Electric member revenue specialist II and veggie taxi driver, had help from Jen Feigitsch, Basin Electric member revenue specialist III, and Roberto Gameiro, Basin Electric member revenue specialist II and new team member.

They loaded up 52 pounds of tomatoes, melon cucumbers, peppers, zuchhini, and squash, and dropped it off at Heaven's Helpers Soup Cafe.

"We took the gorgeous veggies to Heaven's Helpers. I didn’t even know what kind of veggie that I am holding is in the photo, but Bobbi Jo from Heavens Helpers said it is a kind of cucumber," Moser says. "I guess you remove the skin and cut it in fourths and it is delicious. I learned something new today."