Rhubarb a treat from Basin's Backyard Garden donation

man with vegetables
Vincent McCloud, Welcome House executive director, accepts fruit and vegetables, both homegrown and storebought.

This week's donation from Basin's Backyard Garden was the first one so far in 2022 with poundage. Gardeners donated 7.4 pounds  of rhubarb, cucumbers, and peas.

Veggie taxi driver Angela Magstadt, Basin Electric staff writer/editor, also stopped at the supermarket on the way to dropping the donation off at Welcome House. She bought about eight apples and a pound of potatoes.

Magstadt says Vincent McCloud, executive director at Welcome House, was excited to see the donation. "He said 'Oh rhubarb! That's hard to find if you don't grow it. We'll be able to make something good with that,'" she says.

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