Talented Basin Electric gardeners produce a colorful bounty

garden vegetables
This week's donation.

This week's Basin's Backyard Garden donation was a 100-pound bounty.

Zucchini, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, squash, lettuce, peppers, and rhubarb made for a colorful donation.

Veggie taxi driver Amanda Dvorak, Basin Electric records coordinator, took the fresh food to the Salvation Army.

two women smiling and holding vegetables
Amanda Dvorak (right), veggie taxi driver, and a volunteer from the Salvation Army.


"When I was at the Salvation Army, a lady was excited about the zucchini," Dvorak says. "She said she was going to make zucchini bread and she also noticed the rhubarb. She was planning on making rhubarb cake too."

Dvorak says another lady saw the peppers. "She told me they are one of her favorites because they have a nice zing to them."

Dvorak says the Salvation Army was very thankful for the donation and was told people love all of the fresh produce and nothing goes to waste.

"I was personally eyeing those beautiful tomatoes," she says. "WOW! We have some very talented gardeners!"