The fruits of Basin's Backyard Gardeners continue to come in

two women smiling with fruit
Amanda Dvorak (right), Basin Electric records coordinator and veggie taxi driver, dropped this week's donation at the Salvation Army.

Basin's Backyard Garden volunteers brought in 49 pounds of fruits and vegetables this week.

Tomatoes and cherry tomatoes are in their peak right now, and cucumbers and melon cucumbers are also producing heavily. Gardeners brought in zucchini, green beans, green peppers, and also cabbage for the first time this year.

tomatoes and Salvation Army kettle
Striking photo of our gardeners tomatoes with an iconic Salvation Army kettle.

While one melon was donated and easily identified, Amanda Dvorak, Basin Electric records coordinator and veggie taxi driver, was surprised by another fruit. "A bag of plums. I thought they were grapes, but someone walked by and told me they were a type of a plum. They smelled fantastic," she says.

Dvorak took the donation to the Salvation Army.

"The Salvation Army is very thankful for the donation, they appreciate the fresh veggies," Dvorak says. "When I arrived they didn’t have a lot of fresh stuff, so the veggies go fast! There were already a few customers there. One lady was surprised about the melon cucumbers, because she has never heard of them before."

fruits and veggies
Look at that beautiful donation.