Basin Electric wellness programs ignite a passion for health and fitness

Terri Seyfang, administrative assistant III and benefits representative at Laramie River Station, runs on the treadmill during work breaks.

Beyond powering rural America, Basin Electric harnesses its energy to create a place of empowerment, function, and inspiration within its walls. Committed to the well-being of its employees, Basin Electric provides on-site walking paths and fitness centers at most of its facilities, and for those without those amenities employees are offered a $200 yearly reimbursement for a fitness membership. For Terri Seyfang, administrative assistant III and benefits representative at Laramie River Station in Wheatland, Wyoming, these benefits transformed her life. 

Seyfang began working out as a way to feel better mentally and physically. She started going to the fitness center at Laramie River four to five days a week over her 15-minute break and during her 30-minute lunch break. “I started out using the elliptical and after about three months decided to try the treadmill to see if I enjoyed running,” Seyfang says. “Once I started running, I didn’t look back.” 

Although fitness had never been a priority until she started this journey, she quickly realized how therapeutic and stress relieving it could be. “I have come to realize how important it is to incorporate some type of workout into your life,” Seyfang says. “It is amazing how much better a person can feel just by doing something small like going for a 15-minute walk during a break at work. I have a lot less stress in my life from adding in my workouts and feel completely different in such a positive way.” 

Seyfang’s workout consists of running on the treadmill or outside on the walking path if weather allows. “Currently, I run at least four days a week during my lunch break, and I use the fitness center during my morning break to get in a mile of power walking,” she says. Although she doesn’t have a workout partner, Seyfang’s motivation comes from the encouragement of her family, friends, and coworkers.

Recently, Seyfang participated in the Run, Walk, and Waddle 5K put on by her hometown of Guernsey, Wyoming, during their Duck Daze annual celebration. “I didn’t know anything about it or have any interest in running a 5K until this year,” Seyfang says. “I didn’t specifically train for it but pushing myself to run a 5K during my 30-minute lunch breaks definitely helped prepare me.”

Seyfang didn’t have very high expectations and mainly wanted to do it for the experience, so she was surprised and thrilled to have finished it in 28:21, earning her the top female time.

Duck Daze 5K winners Joe Wilson and Terri Seyfang.

Having the walking path and fitness center available at Laramie River is the main reason Seyfang has been able to succeed with her fitness goals. “Having the ability to go in for breaks and lunch has been crucial,” she says. “If I didn’t have the opportunities like the fitness center and walking path to utilize during my breaks at work, I would not have the success I have had.”

Seyfang appreciates how supportive Basin Electric is when it comes to fitness and health. “I am thankful for the wellness committee here at Laramie River for keeping the equipment in the fitness center running, up-to-date, and getting new equipment as machines get worn out and break down.”

Seyfang says she will continue working out and utilizing the fitness center and walking path because it makes her feel better, reduces stress, and she loves the feeling of accomplishment she gets while exercising. “I have signed up for my next race, which will be a virtual, at the end of November, and I am really looking forward to it and hope to improve on my time.”

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