Basin Electric generation and transmission infrastructure keeps electricity reliable and efficient

As energy needs continue to grow in Basin Electric’s service area, so does the need for additional generation and transmission resources. Building generation and transmission infrastructure is crucial for a variety of reasons, and it plays a vital role in ensuring a reliable, efficient, and sustainable electric system. 

To meet its growing needs, Basin Electric is on track to energize nearly 350 miles of high-voltage transmission line by the end of 2027, which means several transmission projects are either being constructed or are scheduled for construction. “Currently, Basin Electric has a large high-voltage transmission buildout in North Dakota, and we are working closely with our right-of-way (ROW) and permitting group on transmission line routing and design,” says Bobby Nasset, Basin Electric supervisor of Civil Engineering. 

Basin Electric has four transmission projects in the works: 

Roundup-to-Kummer Ridge

This 345-kilovolt (kV) transmission project is needed to support load growth in western North Dakota, enhancing the transmission load serving capability in the region and mitigating reliability constraints. 

Pioneer Generation Station Phase IV 

This project will generate about 580 megawatts (MW) of natural gas generation near the existing Pioneer Generation Station northwest of Williston, North Dakota, and includes two simple-cycle combustion turbines, each capable of producing up to 235 MW, a series of reciprocating engines totaling about 110 MW, and 15 miles of 345-kilovolt transmission. 

Construction is moving along at Pioneer Generation Station Phase IV. Photo taken Nov. 2.

Leland Olds Station-to-Tande 

This 175-mile transmission project is needed to enhance transmission load-serving capability in North Dakota and to mitigate regional reliability constraints. The project includes a new 345/115-kV substation and the reconstruction of the existing LOS 345-kV substation. 

Tande- and Wheelock-to-Saskatchewan 

This project consists of two 230-kV transmission lines that are needed to enhance the export and import capabilities between the United States and Canada. This cross-border energy exchange can provide access to a wider range of energy resources, enhance energy security, and improve grid stability.

Location of transmission projects in North Dakota.

The demand for electricity is constantly changing, with peaks and valleys occurring throughout the day. Transmission lines play a pivotal role in getting electricity from where it’s generated to where it’s needed. Building additional generation and transmission infrastructure is essential for maintaining a reliable, efficient, and sustainable generation and transmission system. 

Read more about these essential generation and transmission projects in the Fall 2023 issue of Basin Today: Transmission buildouts ensure continued reliability.

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