Basin Electric team follows strategic roadmap into 2024

strategic objectives


Basin Electric’s strategic roadmap meets member needs, today and tomorrow.

In November 2022, the Basin Electric senior leadership team and board of directors began their effort to revamp the cooperative’s strategic plan. The efforts included acceptance of a new mission statement and employee values in June, which were assembled with the help of the cooperative’s BE Leaders group, a cross-sectional team of employees.

Andy Buntrock, Basin Electric vice president of Strategic Planning and Communications, says, “We have made incredible progress implementing the new mission statement and employee values. They are not just words on paper, they are the compass guiding our cooperative’s actions, fostering a culture of unity and purpose.”

For 2024, directors and the senior leadership team have named “Foundation for the Future” as the overall goal with the strategic objectives including: safety, reliability, load growth and rate design, affordable and stable rates, people focus, financial performance and agility, portfolio strategy, and DGC plan. These objectives will be met through initiatives developed by each individual department.

Read more about the strategic plan in the Fall 2023 issue of Basin Today: Basin Electric's strategic roadmap meets member needs, today and tomorrow

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