Investing for the Future: Pioneer Generation Station Phase IV construction coordination

Darrell Slavick
Darrell Slavick, Basin Electric construction coordinator III.

Coordinating the construction of a generation facility is no small task, as at any given time there can be several dozen to several hundred people working together efficiently and safely to get the job done for our members.

Darrell Slavick, Basin Electric construction coordinator III, is responsible for day-to-day oversight of contractor activities, and any coordination between contractors and plant personnel, on the Pioneer Generation Station Phase IV (PGSIV) project. When complete, the natural gas-fueled, dispatchable generation facility near Williston, North Dakota, will be an important component to Basin Electric’s all-of-the-above energy portfolio.

construction site
Pioneer Generation Station Phase IV construction site in May 2024.

Slavick meets with contractors frequently to review schedules, progress, and any safety incidents that may have happened. “It’s juggling all the bits and pieces to make sure at the end of the day that we’re all pulling the rope in the same direction,” he says.

Coordinating a project of this size also includes managing money. Investing in assets on behalf of our members requires sticking to a budget. “Every line item is budgeted, every dollar spent is accounted for,” Slavick says. “Contingencies are built in for the things that you don’t foresee, but managing and sticking to that budget all the way back to the project management group is critical.”

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Watch this video shot in December 2023 featuring Slavick's work on the construction site.

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