Seven states represented at electric cooperative key accounts training

Earlier this summer, Basin Electric, along with Class A member Rushmore Electric Power Cooperative, hosted a member training opportunity called Key Accounts Master Course. The event took place at Class C member West River Electric Association’s headquarters and was led by esteemed trainer Erick Rheam.

Key accounts are accounts that make up a large portion of a cooperative’s electricity sales, so they play an important role in the success of a cooperative. That’s why training is offered to all Basin Electric members to help them continue providing value to these important operations.

Seven of the nine states in Basin Electric’s service territory were represented at the training as Rheam taught a proven three phased process to building or rebuilding a strong key accounts program. The training helped attendees sharpen their skills and better understand how to successfully serve key accounts.

“Key accounts are usually large loads for a cooperative and have the potential to impact operations both positively and negatively,” says Jeremy Woeste, Basin Electric supervisor of Member Relations. “Our members are looking for ways to add value for their key accounts to help improve the relationships between the cooperative and the accounts, strengthening their partnership and creating a positive impact on the cooperative.”

Seven of the nine states in Basin Electric's membership were represented at the Key Accounts Master Course.


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