Members assemble virtually for the first time ever at 2020 Basin Electric annual meeting

For the first time in its history, Basin Electric members met virtually for their Annual Meeting in 2020, a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. While hundreds “attended” the Annual Meeting and subsequent members-only meeting, the room looked a lot different than in years past with only a handful of staff on site to ensure the safety of members, directors, employees, and others who participated.

The meeting’s theme, “Listen and Lead,” was chosen to represent the cooperative’s focus on listening to member concerns as Basin Electric leads the cooperative into the future. Basin Electric’s goal is providing low-cost energy for its members. The presentations shared how Basin Electric is evolving to meet members’ energy needs reliably while maintaining affordable rates in the ever-changing energy industry as load growth continues.

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2020 virtual annual meeting
Basin Electric's 2020 annual meeting was held virtually.