Membership approves change to bylaws, electric vehicle resolution at Annual Meeting

Vic Simmons, chairman of the Bylaw Review Committee, presented the proposed change to the membership at Basin Electric's 2019 Annual Meeting. 

A change to Basin Electric’s bylaws was approved by the membership at Basin Electric’s 2019 Annual Meeting

Prior to the change, the bylaws required that notice of any special meeting be delivered by written notice, either personally or mailed to the director's last known address. The change allows for notification via email.

“At the board’s request, this change was made to all the subsidiary bylaws last December, but changing Basin Electric’s bylaws requires member approval, so it was proposed and voted on at the Annual Meeting,” says Mark Foss, Basin Electric senior vice president and general counsel.  

The Bylaw Review Committee met July 24 to review the proposed amendment, voting to recommend the revision to the membership. The committee is made up of one manager and one director from each of Basin Electric’s 11 districts.

During the Bylaw Review Committee meeting, members re-elected Vic Simmons, general manager of Rushmore Electric Power Cooperative, as chairperson. 

A resolution in support of members’ policies and investments to develop and deploy electric vehicle programs and charging infrastructure within the cooperative’s service territory was approved by the membership at Basin Electric’s 2019 Annual Meeting. The framework of the resolution includes policies that remain favorable to cooperatives regarding the sale of energy, utility rate development, and appropriate fees that recoup lost gas tax revenues for road infrastructure and maintenance.  

“We are seeing legislation and regulatory cases popping up around our member states related to electric vehicle policy,” says Jean Schafer, Basin Electric senior legislative representative. “We want to be supportive of those efforts, but would like that support to be within the general framework that we outlined in the resolution.” 

The Basin Electric Resolutions Committee, made up of directors from each of Basin Electric's 11 districts and a Basin Electric board member, reviewed the resolution during its annual review meeting on Sept. 9. The committee also re-elected David Sigloh, director of Upper Missouri Power Cooperative, as its chairperson, as well as reviewing the cooperative’s existing resolutions.