Antelope Valley Station fly ash control system replacement project complete

Antelope Valley Station Unit 2 fly ash control system replacement project was completed as part of the plant’s annual spring outage.  

The fly ash control system controls all the components of the baghouse, allowing operators to perform necessary tasks such as opening and closing valves and starting and stopping motors from the control room.

The project began in early April and involved demo of the old cabinets, removing old equipment, pulling wires, and installing the new, updated equipment. The project was completed in June.

“The control system we had was old and obsolete, and it was difficult to get to parts and support for it when problems occurred,” Derek Grimm, Antelope Valley Station Instrument and Controls supervisor, said. “The new system is one of the best in the industry and it is working very well.”

Grimm said the new system includes an agreement with the manufacturer that ensures the plant is always up to date with the latest upgrades to avoid having a control system go obsolete. This is the plant’s third-ever fly ash control system.

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