Basin Electric’s membership sets new all-time high peak in December

Basin Electric set a new all-time high member billing peak in December due to colder than average temperatures and new loads coming online.

Jen Feigitsch, Basin Electric member revenue specialist III, said final billing determinants completed for December 2022 show Basin Electric hit a new all-time-high member billing peak of 4,679 megawatts (MW).

Feigitsch said Basin Electric’s December 2022 member peak sale level surpassed the all-time-high member sale level by 304 MW, set in August 2022 at 4,375 MW.

Basin Electric’s service area saw colder than average temperatures in December resulting in more electricity use, according to Becky Kern, Basin Electric vice president of Resource Planning and Rates. But there were other drivers as well. “We had a new large load come online last summer in western North Dakota,” Kern said. “In addition to that, we have incremental new sales to members in Minnesota associated with an adjustment in some member contracts.”