Construction begins on Pioneer Generation Station-to-Judson transmission line

Construction began on April 4 on the Pioneer Generation Station-to-Judson transmission project. This project includes 15-miles of new 345-kilovolt (kV) transmission line and 70 structures between Pioneer Generation Station and the existing Judson substation – both near Williston, North Dakota.

“This line serves two purposes,” said Jim Lund, Basin Electric senior mechanical engineer. “The first is to get the additional 580-megawatts of power from the new generation project to the Basin Electric 345-kV transmission system. The second is to provide high voltage power for back feed so we can support the facility start-up and commissioning to begin this fall.”

This is the start of a second transmission line construction project in one week for Basin Electric in western North Dakota – the first being the Roundup-to-Kummer Ridge transmission line.    

“It’s unusual for two lines to start construction in the same week with very aggressive schedules,” said Bobby Nasset, Basin Electric’s supervisor of Civil Engineering and Roundup to Kummer Ridge project manager. “We’re doing our best to manage multiple contractors, field coordinators, material deliveries, and to keep both projects on task.”

Contractors are on-site and working to meet the accelerated schedule of being energized by early fall of 2024. Projected milestones for the Pioneer Generation Station Phase IV project, the additional generation under construction, are to have the second combustion turbine and generator on site by early May; complete the 345-kV transmission switch yard construction and commissioning in June; a new fuel supply line in July; and begin commissioning activities for the reciprocating engines and first combustion turbine in September.

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