Neset-to-Northshore transmission project energized

The Neset-to-Northshore 230-kilovolt (kV) transmission project was energized on Jan. 18.

The 27-mile transmission line begins at the existing Neset Substation east of Tioga, North Dakota, and ends at the new Northshore substation south of Ross, North Dakota. According to Bobby Nasset, Basin Electric civil engineering supervisor, the project will provide capacity to serve increasing load growth in the region.

Work on the Northshore substation began in the fall of 2021 and on the transmission line in March of 2022. The project was initially scheduled to be energized in November 2022, but early winter storms slowed down its completion by about two months.

Nasset said this is the first project where Basin Electric used a carbon fiber core conductor in the construction of a transmission line. “Previously, we have used aluminum conductor with steel reinforcement. The steel provides good tension strength but it expands with increased temperature, causing the conductor to sag and it limits the current carrying capacity of the transmission line,” he said. “Carbon fiber does not expand under heat, which reduces the sag under higher loading conditions. With this conductor material, we were able to reduce the number of structures needed for the project while still meeting the capacity goals.”

The Northshore substation provides a delivery point for Basin Electric Class C member Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative, which will interconnect four 115-kV circuits. Nasset said coordination with Mountrail-Williams Electric went very smoothly and he and his team are thankful for their assistance in the overall project.  

While winter weather caused a slight delay, the project came in under budget. Basin Electric staff supported the right-of-way, permitting, design, material procurement, and construction management for the project.

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