Growth and innovation

Growth and innovation is key to Dakota Gasification Company's future. Many examples exist showcasing innovation and diversification from the Synfuels Plant's past, present and future. With the art of innovation embedded in the culture of the Great Plains Synfuels Plant, employees have dug deep to develop new products to enhance the economics of the facility.

When Basin Electric purchased Dakota Gas in 1988, only two percent of the revenue was from products other than natural gas. Today, about 70% of Dakota Gas' revenue is from additional products. Product diversification and revenue generation have been key in securing the Synfuels Plant's operation into the future.

With Basin Electric's support, Dakota Gas has expanded to 13 products.

Innovation brought the unique scrubbing system that uses ammonia as a reagent to capture sulfur dioxide and produce the ammonium sulfate granular fertilizer Dak Sul® 45, which is sold to the agricultural community.

Another innovative project is the carbon dioxide project. We have delivered more than 40 million tons of CO2 to the Canadian oil fields for enhanced oil recovery.

Today, Dakota Gas plays an increasingly important role to Basin Electric. In 1988 when Basin Electric and its members purchased the Synfuels Plant, Basin Electric realized a $37 million per year benefit to the cooperative. Today that benefit is about $71 million a year.

We continue to look at our operation and at ways to diversify to position ourselves for a bright future.