Carbon Dioxide

Dakota Gasification Company’s carbon dioxide is produced from washing the syngas in our Rectisol unit. It has a purity of about 95%, with about 1% of the remaining 5% being hydrogen sulfide. Pure carbon dioxide is colorless and odorless, however, because of the impurities in our product there is a distinctive odor.

Dakota Gas and its Canadian subsidiary, Souris Valley Pipeline Limited (SVPL), operate a 205-mile carbon dioxide (CO2) pipeline to transport CO2 from the plant to Saskatchewan, Canada. Dakota Gas has three electric-driven, integral geared type centrifugal compressors. Each compressor has eight stages. Each compressor has a capacity of 55 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscf/d) and is driven by a 19,500 horsepower fixed-speed motor.

  • Dakota Gas exports up to 155 million standard cubic feet per day.
  • Used in tertiary or enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques.
  • Can be used for fracking, a technique of pumping pressurized CO2 into wells to shatter the rock and push out more oil and gas.


Steven Liebelt

Steven Liebelt

Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Dakota Gas

Phone: 701-557-4418

Rare Gases (Liquid Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Krypton/Xenon)