Chemical risk management

On June 17, 1999, Dakota Gasification Company submitted their Risk Management Plan (RMP) to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

There have been no releases of ammonia at the Great Plains Synfuels Plant since the plant has been in operation that have had an adverse impact on the community or that met the EPA Risk Management Program (RMP) criteria for off-site impacts.

What is Chemical Risk Management?

Risk management is something we all practice daily. We go to work on less-traveled routes to avoid accidents, wear seat belts to prevent injury, and use sunscreen to avoid sunburn. Chemical risks in the workplace are managed in much the same way. Operations are constantly checked, equipment is tested regularly, and employees are trained.

Chemical risk management includes these safety steps:

  • Eliminate or reduce hazards
  • Prevent Incidents
  • Minimize or contain incidents
  • Prepare the public for possible incidents
  • Respond Promptly to emergencies